Future Courses

From Our Investor Readiness Academy

Our Investor Readiness Academy (IRA) will include the following topics (more will be added).
  1. Week 1- Debt vs. Equity (or both)

  2. Week 2- Types of capital: Venture capital, PE, crowdfunding, grants

  3.  Week 3- The Internal Docs: SAFE, CAFEs, Convertible notes, etc.

  4. Week 4- Avenues for Raising Capital From Investors

  5. Week 5- Figuring out the Finances in Your Favor

  6. Week 6- The Offering document: THE document for protection and your pitch- Cap Table

  7. Week 7- The Pitch deck

  8. Week 8- The Pitch

  9. Week 9- Managing the Management: Who are the partners to get you there?- Founders Agreements

  10. Week 10- Putting Together the People (inc. strategic partnerships) and Processes: Best Practices

  11. Week 11- Pitch feedback from guest panel LIVE (my law offices in Buckhead)

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